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The International Academy of Medical Leadership aspires to offer first class, evidenced based programmes to enhance the clinical effectiveness of Medical Leaders and improve services for patients.We do this through patient advocacyOur programmes are based on several years of successfully running MBA and MSc medical leadership programmes for doctors across the UK and each programme is individually tailored to meet the needs of individuals, teams and the organisation and each programme is tailored to meet the needs of individual NHS Trusts. We will support you to design and accredit your own NHS MBA

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We work with the following principles

What we can offer you

  • Each programme is co-designed between lead clinicians and supported by the Board of Directors

  • We will support you to develop a plan to sustain medical leadership development over time

  • We will hep you to understand your data to generate improvements in quality and services

  • We work with your clinicians while demonstrating the ‘returns on investment’ to the organisation

  • We ask that you support your clinicians with ‘time’ to lead service improvement which will meet the corporate objectives

  • We guarantee to provide you with a return on investment and show you how your clinicians have achieved this

  • We demonstrate systems change to support the engagement of patients and families in service re-design

  • We treat all matters in accessing data in confidence

  • We support your clinicians to develop evidence of their learning through a portfolio of work towards an MBA

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